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Referral Process

  1. Upon receiving a referral, Avalon Enterprise will request sufficient information to ascertain whether your referral falls broadly in line with any of our stated criteria. Once this information has been received a referral panel meeting with relevant people will take place in order to identify if your referral meets our criteria and to identify what service we would be able to provide, in line with our Statement of Purpose. If outside the criteria we will be unable to offer you a placement, and will explain the reasons for this to you in full, we will suggest an alternate provider more suited to meeting your needs. Should you disagree with this outcome we also offer the right to appeal the decision.
  2. If there is a possibility that Avalon Enterprise could meet the stated needs we will in each case seek to follow these steps with you and or your representative:
    • We will contact the Care Manager or representative and arrange an informal meeting with you, your family and any other significant party you would like to invite; you will also be given a copy of your Service User Handbook.
    • We will arrange an informal meeting with you and the team who will be supporting you.
    • We will arrange a longer visit with you to your prospective home, as a getting to know you session, to see the house, and for you to tell us what support you want, we can get to know your routines, house rules and your experiences of independent living. We can also talk about the strengths and opportunities of our independent living scheme in order for you to make up your mind
  3. Prior to admission we will need to receive as much of your documentation, information on you as is possible. This should include copies of your benefits details including bank details (in order to support you in applying for housing benefit), medical history, education and work history. At this point we will issue you with your Service Agreement, Conduct and Behaviour Contract, and emergency telephone numbers
  4. On the day of your support you will be helped to feel comfortable, this is our first priority. On your arrival you will need to return the signed and dated Tenancy Agreement and Conduct and Behavior Contract. A four week review meeting at which we will all discuss how you've settled in, our initial assessment and together formulate a support/care plan with both short and long term goals. We will also work with you to complete your support plan so that you can tell us what you would like to achieve
  5. As soon as possible after your support begins it will be ascertained if you need a complete health check and registration with a local G.P, Dentist, Optician and any other medical practitioners important to you. Medication is assessed individually and is recorded on your support plan.

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